NAIOP Award of Excellence 2021

In conjunction with the City of Rio Rancho, Rio Rancho Public Schools and Los Diamantes Development, LLC, we are the proud recipient of the NAIOP Cleve Matthews Vision Award for the Los Diamantes Subdivision located in Rio Rancho.

As of 2015 the Firm has completed 3500+ projects including Subdivisions, Religious Facilities, Retail Stores, and Restaurants.

Ceja Vista Project

The Ceja Vista Project, located in Southwest Albuquerque located at 98th Street and 118th Street. This project was developed in 3 stages. The first stage consisted of developing a public waterline, PRV Station, sanitary sewer line, fire hydrant installation, water meter services, and irrigation services that supported a newly developed apartment complex. The second stage consisted of developing an off-site waterline and sewer line that will service future homeowners. The final phase of the project consisted of re-designing 98th street that meets NMDOT standards. This project has been in the works since approximately 2016 and completed in 2021.

Total Construction Cost: $2 million

Juan Tabo Hills Volterra Subdivision

Juan Tabo Hills located off Juan Tabo Hills and Tijeras Arroyo, began in 2002. Over the course of the project, there were approximately 1,455 single family lots that were developed for many home builders. The final portion of construction was completed in 2020. Design processes included waterlines, storm drain and storm sewer, along with paving of the streets. Parks, walking trails, and Open Space were also included, and the design of an Award-Winning Energy Dissipating Storm Drain to help protect the homeowners from being flooded by the arroyo.

Total Construction Cost: $25 million

Westside Blvd

The Westside Blvd construction was adapted in 2018 through the Gateway- Unit 10 development. Westside Blvd. runs East & West within the Unser Gateway Area, where it consists of several commercial properties. The Westside Blvd will give access to the surrounding developments which includes the Petroglyph Plaza, Unser Pavilion, Springer Plaza, and future medical offices. This road will also give access to the residents of the future Los Diamantes Subdivision.

Total construction Cost $5M