Los Diamantes Subdivision

The Los Diamantes Subdivision project, located in Rio Rancho is a 180 Ac. Subdivision consisting of 224 single family homes and a park. For the project to begin, the first aspect of the project consisted of designing and constructing Westside Blvd., to allow access to the subdivision. Typical subdivision improvements such as drainage, water, sewer, storm drain, and design of roadways.

This project also consisted of the design of 10th street and its off-site features provided utilities for the new Joe Harris Elementary. A Sanitary Sewer Lift Station was also designed and built to serve this upcoming subdivision and the school. The anticipated project completion date will be late 2022.

Total Construction Cost: $18 million

Skyline Phase 1 at Huning Ranch

The Skyline at Huning Ranch project commenced last year in 2020. The new subdivision/community will settle on approximately 17 acres and will contain almost 100 new residential homes within the Village of Los Lunas. The surrounding neighborhoods contain of a variety of structural designs, commercial services, open recreational trails, public parks, and historical religious facilities. The historic land also known as the Cerro de Los Lunas is the dominant landform adjacent to the Rio Grande valley and was previously owned by the Huning family for many decades.

This upcoming development will strive to recognize the essential history of the land and will commit to efficient & economical growth for the futures of residents within the Village of Los Lunas.

Total Construction Cost $2M


We are currently working on many other subdivisions and commercial projects in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Los Lunas, and Belen